How to use Magic Map's mapping functionality

1. Preparing mapping materials (Row actions)

Double click a row to edit its content 
*Keep in mind, you cannot change the number (1.1, 1.2, etc.). This is to preserve compliance. 

Reorder rows by dragging and dropping this icon:

Click this icon to expand more row actions: 

Add 1 row below
*All additional custom criteria rows will not be numbered.

Remove row
*You cannot remove a default numbered row, this is to preserve compliance. 

2. Plot the assessment methods/instruments (Column actions)

Add a column
This action will generate a column of cells (See section 3) for you to populate to suit your mapping needs.
- Click 'Add Task'
- Click to input content

You can add unlimited amount of columns. 

3. Assign assessment methods to each row (cell actions)

Click the cell once to pin

Input task reference or assessment instrument (ie. written questions, portfolio etc.)

Mark as complete

Click again to Mark as Incomplete in case you change your mind

Remove to clear all changes you made for a cell

Continue to repeat the process with all the columns you've created.

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