How to create, save and assign your first map

Before you create a map, you first need to sync a unit.

Once you have synced at least one unit, you will be able to create a map. 

Click 'New map' at the top right of the unit detail page to start creating your map.

1. Name your map

2. Save & Assign your map to a particular RTO, course, and folder

Assign the map to places:

+ RTOs: you can only assign a map to RTOs that are synced AND contain the unit attached to the map.
See more: How to sync an RTO

+ Custom folders: you can create your custom folders and they will appear in the dropdown menu of the Assign dialog.

Click the green tick to finish. 

3. Add notes

The notes you input while saving/assigning a map will be displayed at the control bar in a mapping template:

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