How much does Magic Map cost?

Our pricing is structured per annum and is dependent on the number of individual units you or your organisation is required to create mapping templates for. 

As you can see from this screenshot from our pricing page, plans start at 50 units ($850pa) and range up to 1000 units ($2,900pa). 

After signing up for the appropriate plan you will be billed yearly on the anniversary of your sign up. 

Having a paid plan means you may create unlimited mapping templates and maps per unit allocated to your account and receive continued access to Magic Map's online support, secure data storage, integration opportunities, online mapping platform, user collaboration, and more. 

The 'Users' included within each paid plan refer to the number of collaborators who may be allocated logins. For example, the 50 unit plan includes logins for three people to use to collaborate within Magic Map. Need more users? Additional users may be added for $30pa per user.

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